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Kempsey Family

History Group

Pioneer Register

Pioneer Form

The KFHG is currently researching and compiling a Pioneer Register for the Macleay Valley. This huge project entails collating the biographical details of pioneers who lived in the Valley for a minimum of 12 months.

It is envisaged that the index will be split into three volumes:

  • Pre 1886
  • 1886 - 1914
  • 1914 +

Some of the families included in this index are:

Ainsworth; Bannerman; Chapman; Donovan; Emms, Forrest; Galvin; Henshaw; Irwin; Jarrett; Kennedy; Ling; Morris; Notley, O'Dell; Porter; Quinn; Redgate; Sheridan; Tarrant; Unicomb; Verge; Whalen; Yabsley

The first volume Pioneer Register is scheduled for completion in 2016. However due to the magnitude of this index the project will take time, and we want to avoid mistakes and omissons, so it will be ready when it is ready.