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Kempsey Family

History Group


Research Form

Basic Research enquiries - $25-00 per Surname to be searched

The basic research includes up to 10 articles of information. This may include photocopies.

Obituaries - $2-00 ea

The KFHG have over 10,000 obituaries that have been sourced from newspapers, both locally and from outside of the district.

Grave Photos - $5-00 ea

The KFHG have over 15,000 grave photos. Most of those in our collection have both an inscription image and a full grave image.

Newspaper Items - $1-00 ea

The KFHG has access to the Macleay Argus (1885 – Present) and the Macleay Chronicle (1899 – 1952), as well as the Port Macquarie News (1882 – 1955).

Research fees are for information to be emailed to the person requesting the information. These prices do not include printing and postage. Prices will be negotiated for printing and postage.