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Kempsey Family

History Group

The Terry Eakin Collection

Terry Eakin has gifted the KFHG and the township of Kempsey his collection of research materials that he has personally collected over his lifetime of expertly researching Irish Family History.

This collection is mostly still unpacked in cartons, and takes up over 30 shelf metres when placed on sheving. The KFHG is currently negotiating for a suitable site locally for a Family History Centre for our town. When this is finalised we will be able to fully display this huge collection for the use of our members.

Lastly we plan to make this collection available to the general public for Family Research. The collection will be catelogued and can then be accessed by non-members for a fee, or our Research Section will do it for you for a seperate fee.

Some of the items in this collection include:

  • A Complete Catholic Registry, Directory, and Almanac Vol. 1, 1836; Vol 2, 1837 - (CD Rom)
  • A History of Christ Church, Dublin: The Registers of  Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin - (Book)
  • A Pauper Warren: West Limerick 1845-49 - (Book)
  • AINM: Bulletin of the Ulster Place-Name Society, (10 Volumes) - (Book)
  • Australian Dictionary of Dates & Men of the Time - (CD-Rom)
  • British Military Graveyard: Ballincollig Co. Cork, Ireland 1810-1922 - (Book)
  • Colonial Discipline: The Making of the Irish Convict System - (Book)
  • Directory of the Province of Munster, 1893 - (CD-Rom)
  • Enniskillen CI Registers [destroyed 1922] transcriptions by Lord Belmore 1870s & 1880s - (Access Database)
  • Famine in Ulster - (Book)
  • General Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867 - (CD-Rom)
  • Historical Maps of Ireland - (Book)
  • Index of Irish Wills 1484-1858 (CD-Rom)
  • Irish Will Indexes: Super Index of Available Irish Will Indexes, 1270-1860 - (CD-Rom)
  • Kelly's Directory of Cheshire 1896, with maps - (CD-Rom)
  • Letters from Irish Australia 1825-1929 - (Book)
  • Map: Armagh Sheet 19 Discoverer Series (Scale 1:50000) - (Folding Map)
  • North Leitrim in Famine Times, 1840-1850 - (Book)
  • O'Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater in Ireland [15 Volumes] - (Book)
  • Pictorial Guide to Connemara and the West of Ireland - (CD-Rom)
  • Queenslanders who Fought in the Great War (1914-1918) - (CD-Rom)
  • Register of the Cathedral of St Patrick, Dublin 1677-1869 - (Book)
  • Scottish Family Histories - (Book)
  • The 1851 Dublin City Census: Chart's Index of Heads of Households - (CD-Rom)
  • Ulster Libraries: Archives, Museums & Ancestral Heritage Centres - (Book)
  • Vintage Scotland Photos - (DVD)
  • Waverley & South Head General Cemeteries: Inscriptions - (CD-Rom)
  • Your Father is a Moran & Your Mother was a Murphy - (Book)